Triangle HDPE Fabric Sun Shade Sail For Outdoor , 100% UV Resistant

Triangle HDPE Fabric Sun Shade Sail For Outdoor , 100% UV Resistant

Triangle HDPE Fabric Sun Shade Sail For Outdoor , 100% UV Resistant

Quick detail:

Sun sail
Shade sail
Triangle sail
Square sail
Lesiure life


Fabric produced by hdpe knitted netting
High quality with anti uv
Any color is available
The sun sail makes a close and protected area in the garden, on the terrace.placed in any contest, it gives a refinement and elegant sensation. It has a good air permeability and also printable.
Sun Shade Sails protect and shade your outdoor areas. Also known as Sail Shades, these unique coverings
make beautiful additions to your patio, backyard, or other outdoor areas, and they provide excellent protection
from the sun and its harmful UV radiation. A chic shade sail is the perfect alternative to a traditional pergola
or covered porch. Floating and curvaceous, shade sails make an attractive addition to any property. With the
right design, they can enhance the existing property with artistic or architectural flair and style.
Sail Shades are wonderfully versatile; they can be attached to homes, trees, or patio columns. In addition,
they can be supported by wood posts or steel columns embedded in concrete footings, and they can also be
taken down seasonally as required. Shade Sails are the ultimate in stylish sun protection. Courtyards, pool
areas, gardens, children’s play areas, car spaces, and even entry ways can all benefit from the cool good
looks of a Shade Sail solution.
The perimeter of each sail is designed with a gentle cantenary curve inwards towards the center of the sail
to control the fabric tension. Shade sails have reinforced webbing around the perimeter and marine stainless
steel D or “Delta” rings at each corner. When properly tensioned, shade sail fabric will not wrinkle, sag, or
flap in the wind.
Available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, Shade Sails are a decorative and affordable way to
create shade that will keep you more comfortable in hot weather. These state of the art materials block
the sun’s harmful UV rays yet remain totally unaffected by moisture and natural temperature extremes.


Protect from sunshine
Widely used for garden
Leisure life

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